The EU series models are recognized as solid and long lasting products. This structure is guaranteed both for uses which can be coupled and superimposed on several floors, their panel thickness flexibility can ensure livability in extreme climates. The solidity of the structure guarantees a long life expectancy equivalent to a masonry construction.

Frame made of 20/10 to 30/10 galvanized profiles with oven painting
50mm to 80mm thick insulated polyurethane foam walls
50mm thick insulated polyurethane foam cover + 40mm thick reinforcement checker plate
Insulated floor plus 18mm thick waterproof chipboard covered by a PVC sheet
Lifting from the roof with special eyebolts
60/100 skids

Length 3000 – 4000 – 5000 – 6050 – 7000 – 8000 – 9000 – 10000 – 11000 – 12000
width 2435 – 3000
Internal Height 2300 – 2500 – 2700

The current products series has a solid aluminum door and a double-glazed turn and tilt aluminum window with rolling shutter, we also offer different types of products that can meet customer requirements with different models, and various colors as an option.