PA 50

The PA and PAF series prefabricated modules are top of the Pagin SRL product range.
These Modules are designed to accommodate the most diverse requirements and situations.
Speedy assembly.

Frame made of 25/10 to 30/10 galvanized profiles with oven painting
Insulated walls with 50mm thick insulated smooth polyurethane foam shims with two 6/10 sides
70mm thick insulated polyurethane foam cover + extra cover
Insulated floor + 18mm thick multilayer coated with PVC sheet
Lifting from the roof with special eyebolts
ISO standard unit corner fittings with fork loops

Length 6055 – 12190
width 2440 – 3000
Internal Height 2300 – 2500

In terms of fixtures, the current product series has a solid aluminum door inserted on a panel and a double-glazed turn and tilt aluminum window with rolling shutter inserted on a panel, we also offer different types of products that can meet customer requirements with different models, and various colors as an option